1. How can I register for a course?
     - Please click here Registration
2. Is there a course fee?
     - Yes, there is a registration fee for every course we offer. However, some free courses might be offer in the future.
3. Can I attend the session from anywhere around the world?
    - Yes, you can attend our training session from anywhere around the world. We will provide our training through online platforms. All you need is a stable internet connection and fully functional device, such as PC, Laptop, phone (with working Microphone & Webcam/Front Cam)
4. What type of courses do you offer?
     - Currently, we are offering three types of courses. Those are Masterclasses, Executive Courses, and Skill-Up Courses.
5. What is the refund policy?
     - Please visit our Refund Policy section.
6. Is there an age limit to attending any training sessions?
     - There is no age limit. However, we are planning courses for fresh graduates, all levels of executives and aspiring managers.
7. Can I attend as many sessions as I want?
     - Yes, you can attend as many sessions as you want by registering for the courses you prefer. Unless there is no conflict between the schedule of the sessions.
8. Will I get a hard copy of a certificate?
     - We will provide hard copy of a certificate along with a digital copy. However, you have to collect the hard copy from the head office of VUMI Bangladesh Ltd. at Meem Tower- 9th floor, 104 Mirpur Road, Dhaka.
9. If I face any problems during sign-in/session, whom/where to contact?
     - Please get in touch with our support team – help@vumi.com.bd
10. Will you provide me with any sort of device to attend the session?
     - No, we will NOT provide any device to attend a training. Please ensure to have a proper device to avail of our services.
11. Do you provide/offer employment opportunities after successfully completing a course/courses?
     - Yes, we do offer employment opportunities, if we find the candidate suitable according to the requirements.