Terms and Conditions

We request you to read our company's terms & conditions and privacy policy carefully. The continuous access and usage of our website and app by you, will be assumed to have your agreement to our terms and conditions along with our privacy policies. We strongly recommend you terminate the use or access of our website and app if you do not or cannot agree with our terms & conditions and privacy policies. VUMI Bangladesh Ltd. will provide all the training through live sessions. For this reason, users should acknowledge that the ability to use their account or participate in a training session depends on external variables but is not limited to, such as the internet service provider. Additionally, to the disclaimers in the terms, the company will not be liable to users for any damages resulting from their failure to connect to their account and use the Application's services. Participants need to ensure that the account information given during sign-up is authentic. Also, we recommend all our users not to share their sign-in information with anyone else and should be the one who will prevail our services. We will not differentiate between user information which matches with your credentials during sign-in and will have access to your account. You as a user, will ensure your own sign-in details confidentiality. You will be notified of any sign-in activities of your account through an email. In case, you are not the one who signed-in through our website or app, it is your responsibility to contact us via our support mail: help@vumi.com.bd By registering, you consent to our employees, associates, and partners having access to your contact information in order to contact you for educational materials, webinars, and upcoming training sessions via phone, SMS, email, and other means. Participants need to keep their video cameras on during the live training session. By joining our live training session, you consent to record (both audio and video) the session and take a screenshot from the session. Furthermore, participants will be provided with slides and required course materials. However, we will not give the recorded live session to the participants under any circumstances. Please note that if you miss any session of the course, you won’t receive any course material and the certificate. In that case, you have to attend the missed session if we offer the course again. In case you want a refund, please visit our Refund Policy section of the website. One can use our services to develop/improve their skills and knowledge. However, users are not allowed to use our course materials and presentation slides for commercial purposes. We reserve the rights to all our course materials & contents, and any plagiarism would act as a breech of rights and fall under the act of copyright infringement. We will send you the virtual certificate within 15 days after completing the training successfully. We suggest you check your “spam” section of the given email address if you do not receive the certificate at the time mentioned above. Point to be noted that the organization will not be liable if you provide incorrect information/ email address while creating the account intentionally or unintentionally. We encourage you to give us feedback and advice regarding our services. By giving us feedback, we will assume that there are no confidential issues and you are allowing us to use this without any restriction. We may or may not use your feedback as we deem fit. We reserve the rights to make any amendments to the course details and session schedules as deemed necessary. Prices of our services might change at any time without prior notice. However, this does not refer to those who already completed their course registration before the amendments were made. By taking our services, you cannot claim yourself with any kind of employment, partnership or ownership of the organization. In another word, our services or the information you access do not grant you ownership or intellectual property rights. VUMI Bangladesh Ltd. reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to change, modify, suspend, or discontinue any aspect(s), features, or functionality of the Application or the Services. In addition, the organization reserves the right to change these Terms at any moment without prior notification to you. The company provides no stated or implied commitment to continue or support any feature of the website and Application. You acknowledge that VUMI Bangladesh Ltd. will not be liable to you or any third party if the website, application or our services are modified, suspended, or discontinued. We are always looking forward to providing you with the best services. However, if you face any trouble, please contact us through the following support email- help@vumi.com.bd